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Dr Andrew Silvers is a Consultant Anaesthetist who has practised in Melbourne as a Specialist for over 17 years.  He has a passion for cardiothoracic, neurosurgical and vascular anaesthesia and is committed to providing the best possible patient care.


Dr Silvers attended Medical School at Monash University and graduated with First Class Honours in 1988.  He subsequently worked as a resident in varied positions prior to commencing his anaesthesia training in 1992. 

The majority of Dr Silvers’ training in anaesthesia was based at The Alfred Hospital.   He was awarded his Fellowship with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) in 1998.


Upon completion of his anaesthetic training, Dr Silvers subsequently sort further experience in the United States.  He was appointed as an Assistant Professor at the prestigious University of California, Davis Medical Centre located in Sacramento, where he worked for one year.   At this hospital, Dr Silvers gained further experience in cardiothoracic anaesthesia; in particular in the area of lung transplantation, major vascular and trauma.  His  position also involved significant teaching and mentoring of junior staff.


Following this experience Dr Silvers returned to Australia and was appointed as a full time staff anaesthetist at the The Alfred Hospital, where he eventually attained / held the the position of Deputy Director of Anaesthesia.

During this period he was heavily involved in all facets of adult anaesthesia practice.  He was an active participant in the the cardiothoracic anaesthesia program which dealt with patients requiring heart and lung transplants and also patients requiring artificial heart support.   At The Alfred Hospital, Dr Silvers built upon his vascular experience and became the lead anaesthetist in the major thoracic aortic anaesthesia program.  This was in addition to his interest in major trauma.    He was also actively involved in a mutidsicplinary team in relation to the management of large scale blood transfusions. 


Whilst at the The Alfred Hospital, Dr Silvers was involved in numerous research studies and was a co-author on several published papers and book chapters.   He was also an invited Speaker at many conferences and meetings both in Australia and internationally.    He was actively involved in committee work making contributions to local care within the Alfred but also in improving the quality of care of trauma patients in the State of Victoria.


In 2001 Andrew moved to build upon his experience in private practice and left The Alfred Hospital.

He was appointed to Monash Medical Centre, where he still continues his public practice principle in cardiothoracic anaesthesia.


Dr Silvers has appointments at all of Melbourne’s leading private hospitals - St Vincents Private, Epworth and Cabrini Private Hospitals. At these institutions, Dr Silvers provides care for people undergoing principally cardiothoracic, neurological and vascular operations.


Although principally in private practice Dr Silvers still maintains an active academic profile.  He is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer through the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University and actively participates in the Peri-operative Medicine Program as an speaker and lecturer.


doctor andrew silvers anaesthesia melbourne cardiac anaesthesia

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doctor andrew silvers anaesthesia melbourne cardiac anaesthesia


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